Welcome to Alternate America

What is Alternate America? It’s a place very much like the one you are sitting in today, but it’s a slightly skewed alternative. The stories are slightly different and so are the people in it. The stories from Alternate America focus on one or two people who stand up and do something different from this reality.

Initially, you might think, “They can’t do that! Can they?” But as you continue to read, continue to understand what drives each person to do what they do, you might find yourself moving more and more into the Alternate America camp. And maybe it inspires you to act a little different on this side of reality.

I encourage you to visit Alternate America through these stories, learn a little more about them and what motivates them and bring some of it back with you. Either way, it’s going to be an adventure and it’s my personal invitation for you to join and jump in. Thanks for visiting Alternative America. May your stay be pleasant?